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[Feedback] Go forth

2013-04-30 04:54:04 by plugza

A survival-comedy game about 'choices & probability.'
There are a few different endings ...and yeah, "sh*t happens" along the way. It would be nice if we can learn to laugh at our misfortunes sometimes, especially in a game.

There is 0 handholding apart from this description, so it may take a few attempts to figure things out in the game. Despite it's initial appeal, 'luck' is a minor factor.

Please give feedback freely without holding back.
We appreciate all sorts: the good, the bad, and even ASCII porn :D.
If the game invokes some small sense of "oh, wait... I figured something out" here and there for some of you, that would be the greatest form of validation in making this piece.

Thanks for giving it a shot. ]:)